17 random things about the host

1. Early career preferences, in order: explorer, astronaut, actor, film writer/producer, marketing and social brand content, story teller.

2. I was born on an army base - I never attended the same school more than two years.

3. I was in sixth grade when I called my first casting agent and told them to sign me, prior to calling the better business bureau - you know to assure they were legit.

4. Artistic Enterprise in Indianapolis signed me and my first commercial was a Steak n' Shake commercial in 7th grade. 

5. I read my first novel (Little Women) in 5th grade, and was accused of reading too much. 

6. Civic Theatre in Indianapolis was my world and I spent many summers there.

7. Out of wonder arises ambition and I have been unashamed and unapologetic about making certain I absorb all the life I possibly can.

8. I'm a bit of health lover. Eating, cycling, running, sleep, you name it. 

9. I can't remember the last time I was bored. It's been years

10. I love love, lurrrrrrve photography, and design. I constantly soak up the newest studies, articles like a bone-dry sea sponge, and put their insights into everyday ideas I'm working on. 

11. Can I pet your dog?

12. I secretly love creating spreadsheets.

13. I’ve always loved asking questions. Asking the hard questions has been my compass through my life.

14. Change your questions. Change your life.

15. If you begin to text me a conversation, I will call you. 

16.  It's never easy, but it's always worth it. 

17. Personal motto: Some people pursue happiness. Others create it.